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10 x 10 and Chicago Composers' Orchestra—at last!

On Saturday, September 25, at 7:30 pm, the Chicago Composers' Orchestra will at loooong last present my new work, Emome, written for orchestra and created in tandem with artist/sculptress Susan Giles. This project was begun in 2019 and interrupted by the pandemic, and I am so happy to announce that it will be presented in-person!

Emome deals with themes of Home, Memory, and Motion, and was commissioned by the 10 x 10 project in conjunction with Homeroom Chicago.

The piece is roughly 11 minutes long and was all inspired by one interview Susan and I conducted with a member of a choir comprised of individuals experiencing early-stage dementia and their caregivers. We had originally planned to interview many people but once again, the pandemic got in the way. As it was, Susan took the narrative, inspired by thoughts of Home, and transformed physical gestures into solid sculpture using her self-designed 3-D printing technology. I took the same gestures and transformed them, plus the thoughts behind them, into music.

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