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Amy is a passionate teacher to students of all ages, levels and abilities. She believes that music and creativity are essential elements in life and her goal in teaching is to help each student allow music into their lives to the maximum extent of their abilities. Her teaching style is based in the classical traditions yet she tailors her approach to meet the needs skillls, and personality of each individual student. She maintains a private studio for lessons in piano, composition and music theory. Students are encouraged to work on repertoire according to their own tastes, while all are given a solid background in reading music, music history, music theory and improvisation/composition. Amy has over twenty years of teaching experience and welcomes beginners and advanced students alike to her studio and offers lessons both online or in-person. She holds regular recitals and special events for her students, encourages them to participate in the many competitions, festivals and forums available to them in the Chicago area and nationwide, and also trains students for the Achievement in Music (AIM) program run by the Music Teachers National Association, of which she is a member.


from Terry (student):
With Amy I have access to a conservatory-level music education, but at my own pace, and with tremendous support and encouragement. She allows me to explore my own musical interests and goals, but she is always building the foundation of technique, theory, expression, improvisation and composition that make a whole musician. She never dumbs-down the material, or resorts to cheap gimmicks, but she also never gives up, and when I am not getting something with one approach, she tries another, and another, and another. My lessons are a treasured highlight of my week.

from Diana (parent): 

Amy is very skilled when it comes to teaching piano. Our son started with Amy when he was just 5 years old and is now 11. Amy has beautifully weathered the developmental stages he has gone through, along with managing his high energy all along. She is challenging, yet flexible. We couldn’t ask for a better teacher for our son.

from Rebecca (parent):

As a music education major in college, I am a picky shopper when it comes to a music teacher for my son. Amy lives up to her local reputation as a fantastic piano teacher! She demonstrates an enthusiasm and love for music that is highly contagious and has my son hooked. She also understands the psychology of teaching and basic learning principles, such that kids are motivated to work hard. She is reassuring for the moments of perfectionism that arise and gently challenging when the pace/effort slows. We feel very lucky to have such a nurturing and diligent teacher!

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