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A Month of Music in Support of Women Composers

Hello everyone! I'm extremely pleased to announce I'm presenting a whole month's worth of music in celebration of Women's History Month! My plan is to release one video per day of a piano piece written by a woman composer. I've got colleagues here in Chicago, in California, in Washington on the docket, I've got historical greats like Fanny Mendelssohn and Clara Schumann, and of course a few of my own works thrown in for good measure.

Today marks Day 7 and one of my favorites so far. You can go to YouTube and find out why!

The whole playlist, "Women's History Month" will be online and available to watch at any time, with new videos being posted each day in March. Listen and learn about composers you probably haven't heard much about before, as we all let more music into the world each day!

I also should probably announce that you can now find me on Facebook and Instagram. After a lifetime of eschewing social media on principle, I have decided to take the plunge, stay current, and meet my colleagues where they are. Please look me up, I would love to connect!

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