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Closing Concert—Women's History Month

Hello friends! It's been a joy to bring more music by women into the world on a daily basis during the month of March. I'm going to close it all out with an INTERACTIVE concert bringing everyone's favorite pieces back to life one more time.

On Sunday, April 2, at 7 pm CST, I'll be giving an online concert, with a twist—YOU decide which pieces I'll play on this closing celebration! I'll have played 31 pieces by the end of March, and you can select which you'd like to hear once again. I've got the entire list on the Eventbrite page, just select the one you want and I'll put it on the program.

Of course, you can also choose to just sit back and listen to what others have selected. If you have no favorites (like me, that's why I'm doing this!) you can just let others decide.

Also, if you'd like to attend in person, I've got limited space available for that as well—just let me know. I can be contacted anytime at

But there WILL be one grand finale masterwork on this concert, which I haven't yet—and won't—post as part of the 31-day series, so if you'd like to hear it, the only way is by getting a ticket for April 2. I hope to see you there, and here's the link!

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