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Sound of Silent Film—16th year!!

I couldn't be more thrilled to be playing Sound of Silent Film once again this year! We've got an amazing lineup, and honestly, just the fact that it's even happening is GREAT! There are live, outdoor, in-person events on 4/30 and 5/1, and you'll also be able to stream it the following weekend. All details are here below. DON"T MISS IT!!

(I'm playing on the Saturday evening program.)

- Integrating Musical Creativity Into Everyday Life

ACM's Popular Sound of Silent Film Festival Celebrates Sixteen Years of Live Music and Modern Silent Film

Limited in-person or virtual

Access Contemporary Music proudly presents the sixteenth anniversary of the Sound of Silent Film Festival. This unique event features new short silent films by living directors with newly commissioned musical scores performed live.

This year's offerings include five dramas, three comedies, two dramedies, an afro-surrealist film, a feel good movie, a docudrama, a thriller, a chess thriller and a masterpiece of stop motion animation.

We'll present two completely different programs in live performances with limited capacity in the VIN312 parking lot in Ravenswood and/or a virtual presentation of both programs the following week.

The live performances feature wine from VIN312 and beer from Empirical.

Seats are limited! We're 40% sold out for both live shows.

Don't miss the Sound of Silent Film Festival!

Live Performances Program One (The Ephemeral Orphanage) - Friday, April 30 8:30 PM Program Two (The Silent Treatment) - Saturday, May 1 8:30 PM VIN312 Parking Lot 4710 N. Ravenswood (Space Is Limited To 100 Socially Distanced People Each Night)

Virtual Presentation

Program One (The Ephemeral Orphanage) - Friday, May 7 8:00 PM

Program Two (The Silent Treatment) - Saturday, May 8 8:00 PM

Link to watch will be emailed the morning of the show

Tickets are pay what you can

- suggested donation $20 for one show, $30 for both

If a live performance rains out, the ticket can be transfered to the virtual presentation

MUSIC PERFORMED BY Chris Ramaekers - Music Director David Wetzel - Technical Director Alyson Berger - cello Christie Miller - clarinet Marianne Parker - piano Brent Roman - percussion Trevor Patricia Watkin - flute Amy Wurtz - piano Henry Zheng - violin

Click for Film Synopses

The 2021 Sound of Silent Film Festival is Sponsored by:Access Contemporary Music (ACM) believes the music of our time deserves a wider audience and that there are many people who would love contemporary classical music if they only knew it existed. As a production company, ACM creates innovative performances designed to foster creativity, allow for collaboration, and bring contemporary music to new audiences.

Productions include the “Live at the Davis Theater” concert series, Thirsty Ears Festival, Sound of Silent Film Festival – now performed in Chicago, New York and Mexico City, collaborations with Open House Chicago, Open House New York and Doors Open Milwaukee, the ACM School of Music which teaches musical creativity to more than 300 students in four storefront locations in Chicago and commissioning initiative Composer Alive.

More information about ACM may be found at

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