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The Women of Chicago

Updated: Sep 10

I am so thrilled to be presenting a concert dedicated to the women Composers of Chicago!

I'll be playing a solo concert at Fourth Presbyterian Church's Friday Noonday Concert series on Friday, September 8, 2023, at 12:10 pm. This concert is free and open to the public if you'd like to come in person, or can be watched online either live during the concert or anytime afterwards at

We will be blessed to have a number of the composers in attendance at the concert! Here is the complete lineup:

The Women of Chicago: Piano Works by Female Composers Past and Present

Margaret Bonds Troubled Water

Kyong Mee Choi Breathe Life

Osnat Netzer Free Fall *World Premiere

Regina Harris Baiocchi Deliverance

KC Ginther River of Dreams

Augusta Read Thomas Eurhythmy Etude 1. Still Life

Stacy Garrop Keyboard of the Winds

Amy Wurtz Cycles 4. The Secret

Florence B. Price. Fantasie Negre No. 1

Fourth Presbyterian Church is located at 126 E Chestnut St, Chicago, 60611. Admission is free and you are invited to enjoy this beautiful music in this wonderful sacred space.

This concert, for all its unity in theme, is one of the most varied types of music I've put on one program. "Free Fall" is a true miniature, lasting just one minute, where "Fantasie Negre" is a sprawling display of piano pyrotechnics based on folk melodies. We have student-teacher relationships between composers and also a huge cross-section of the Chicago area composition professors. I hope you will join us, either in person or virtually, for an hour of piano music to celebrate the creativity of the women of Chicago!

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